Partrac operates two benthic flumes for the in situ measurement of sediment stability – these are seabed lander systems designed for coastal and offshore use. The flumes are submersible marine instruments which rest unattended on the seabed and apply a controlled flow across the seabed. Sensors are used to measure seabed erosion as it occurs, typically over a 1 to 2 hour experiment time. Data on the critical entrainment stress, erosion rate and sediment settling velocity/mass deposition rate are generated. The flumes are suited to a wide variety of applications including scour rate assessment, contaminated sediment resuspension, and numerical model validation-calibration.

The smaller Voyager I system is suited to shallow water/coastal applications, and a larger Voyager II system, suitable for offshore (water depths 50 to 200 m). Both of these devices are available for hire.

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Voyager II deployment.