The 8th International Conference on Scour and Erosion will take place in Oxford, UK from 12-15 September 2016. The conference provides a platform for scientists and engineers from around the world to exchange ideas and share advances in research and practice on the scientific and engineering challenges related to scour and erosion.

The broad topics covered in ICSE conferences include fundamental mechanisms of erosion and scour, modelling (both physical and numerical) of erosion and scour processes and engineering applications that involve scour and erosion processes. The ICSE conferences have been well attended by scientists and engineers from broad areas such as civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, coastal and offshore Engineering. One of the strong features of the ICSE conferences has been the cross disciplinary collaborations.

The four keynote speakers of the 2016 conference are:

  • Catherine Avila
  • Dr Jean-Jacques Fry
  • Dr Scott Draper
  • Prof Subhasish Dey

The International Scientific Committee of ICSE 2016 welcomes submissions from all areas with relevance to the following general conference themes:

  • Internal erosion
  • Sediment transport: grain scale to continuum scale
  • Advanced numerical modelling of scour and erosion
  • Terrestrial scour and erosion
  • River and estuarine erosion including scour around structures
  • Coastal and offshore scour and erosion
  • Management of scour/erosion and sediment, including hazard management and sedimentation in dams and reservoirs.

Papers of a theoretical and practical nature are welcome, including case histories, field observations, analysis and prediction of real life problems, through to the use of advanced numerical methods in all of the above categories.

For further details about the conference please see or email

ICSE 2016