An understanding of the erosion potential (‘erodibility’) of sediments is important for a wide number of contemporary environmental issues, including benthic habitat stability, contaminated sediment dispersal, river bank and agricultural land
stability and the geomorphology of estuaries and coastal areas.

The Cohesive Strength Meter is a field instrument which directly measures the surface erodibility of marine, fluvial and terrestrial sediments. The instrument permits rapid assessment of sediment critical entrainment stress (stresses in excess of 12 Nm-2 may be imposed on sediments) and also provides a relative measure of erosion rate.

The instrument is highly portable and can be carried by hand to a site or in the lightweight backpack system (optional extra).

Capable of conducting up to 100 tests per run and with up to 80 predefined test routines, the CSM is internationally recognised as the leading device for the rapid in situ measurement of sediment erosion.

CSM – 0.4 x 0.33 x 0.18 m
Accessory Case – 0.4 x 0.33 x 0.18 m

Weight: 9kg

Memory: Up to 100 tests per run and up to 80 predefined test routines available

Battery: 12 volt re-chargeable Ni-cad 2.2 Ah (70 hours usage before recharge)

Sensing Head: Light source – infrared 940 nm (repeatability +/- 0.015 % FSD); area of
sediment tested is 60 mm2

Display: LCD Alphanumeric

Comms: Serial Port – RS232

Software: Windows® compatible, Includes sediment deposition rate measurements

Water Reservoir: Internal, 0.9 litre

Air Supply: 3.0 litre dive bottle, refillable at any diving equipment retailer; final air supply regulation down to 70 psi, jet pressure variable 0 – 60 psi, calibrated to within +/- 0.015 % FSD (full scale deflection)

Air Reservoir: Internal, stainless steel 0.4 litre

Accessory Case: Contains sensing head and fill bottle, unit charger, air supply tank (3 Litre), main air hose, regulator and spare water filters.

Cases: Both the CSM case and accessory case are made of Polypropylene and are fully watertight, buoyant, crush-proof and corrosion-proof.

Optional Extras:
– On-site training provided by Partrac staff
– Backpack carry system
– Additional air cylinders